Are you ready to take on a whole new world?

Hey you! Foreign Alien! Feeling lost in your journey? Looking for your place in the world between worlds? Ready to start navigating your way through your own chaos?

Congratulations Human! You have arrived, and you are most welcome here. This space was built just for you, the foreign alien who refuses to settle for anything less than happiness. Being an outsider can be alienating, lonely and uncertain. We believe in developing partnerships that empower women to unleash their potential and create change, for sisterhood, for our global community and for the good of all human BEings.

Pam Coaches Humans' mission is to create stellar conversations that empower high achieving women to navigate their own success as human BEings and Foreign Aliens.

Join me to navigate your way out of the black hole.

Captain's Log

The Art of Teaching Active Listening

Active listening is as critical of a skill in learning as it is in life outside of the classroom. With the rise of the Alpha Generation, oblivious to life without screens, comes the decline of attention spans and self-confidence.


A Coach's Classroom Takeover

In 2018, I left my TEFL classroom to take time out for professional development. After 2 years, a lot has changed about the way I would run my classroom. This post aims to show how my perspective has shifted after being immersed in the coaching world.


Let's Talk About It- Teacher Burnout

Teacher Burnout is a very common phenomenon throughout the TEFL industry, yet it is something that no one really speaks out about. This post aims to explore what it really looks like in the industry, how coaching can help, and my top tips to overcoming the initial stages.




Seeing and experiencing Pam coach was super helpful because I got to see that breakthrough happen in a real-life situation. It was great to see the COACH structure in action. Thank you for being part of my journey, Pam!


I first started working with Pam when I was setting up my new business. She helped me cut through my fears and start putting myself out there. Now my business is up and running and I count Pam as one of my dear friends.


Partnering with Pam as my Coach helped me to achieve my goal to be committed, consistent and relentless in my goal to quit smoking permanently. During our partnership, I faced major challenges from social smoking with a few drinks being part of my regular lifestyle to my Dad passing away. I felt invested in being accountable to you for my decision as you led by example - having quit smoking yourself! This empowered me to stick with my resolution and I didn't even consider smoking after the first week.What may seem like a small goal to some, it was impactful for me to become permanently smokefree. Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu- although it is small, it is precious.


Before we started working together, life was pretty confusing. I had been in quarantine for basically a month already and I was on kind of a mental slide. When we began working together, I started to look at things differently. I wanted to use my time to increase my consistency in my business projects. As a multi-passionate expat entrepreneur, the biggest challenge was the sudden stop during the COVID pandemic. I do a lot of travelling for work, and I didn't really know if I was going to be able to travel. This created a lot of uncertainty around my personal, business and financial goals. Pam really helped me see things from a different perspective because there wasn't a biased opinion about anything that came up. Some of the ideas and strategies we discussed in our calls helped me build the consistency that transitioned into other areas of my life from content creation, to my physical and mental health. If you are considering working with Pam I would say just do it! She really listens to you and doesn't overtalk you. Even between sessions, she sent me resources to help boost the snowball effect of coaching to different areas of my life.