Whether its individual career coaching, group coaching or facilitating skills development, read on to find out how I can help you or your school create a greater impact.

Career Coaching for Educators

I have served over a hundred hours of professional coaching to teachers across China and beyond. Many of my clients have struggled with stress management while living abroad, limiting beliefs keeping them stuck in unfulfilling positions, or unclear boundaries with colleagues affecting their personal and professional lives. After working with me, clients have reported improved relationships with colleagues as well as friends and family, new career opportunities and higher pay. I work with individuals and groups, so reach out today!

Consulting and Facilitating

Burning out of my career in teaching abroad led me to discover my passion for coaching. With the decision to move forward with teacher wellbeing at the heart of my career, I have been honoured to work with educators in international schools across China. Some of the professional development I have developed and delivered has included stress management, managing professional relationships, prioritising teacher wellbeing, setting personal and professional boundaries, conflict management, clearly communicating, and coaching skills for educators. I may also be able to arrange other bespoke workshops for your school, so contact me to discuss your needs today.

Professional Development Workshops

After burning out of my career as a teacher, I discovered my calling to help other teachers learn the skills to avoid their own burnout and feel fulfilled in their lives abroad. I regularly dedicate time researching topics relevant to teachers and create workshops based on demand. If there is a particular topic you are interested in, please feel free to get in touch.