What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative method of conversation that helps people move forward in a specific direction in life. It is designed to help clients remove their limitations and to perform at their best by unlocking their potential.

I believe that individual humans receive a higher quality of results when the work is tailored to their specific needs. This is something I have seen firsthand from the classroom to the library to the meeting room, in both an online and offline setting.

Occasionally, people come to me not quite sure of what service they need. I’ve been asked to deliver coaching, consulting, therapy, relationship counselling, training workshops, mentoring and even to be a birthing partner! While many of these services overlap, there are also some big differences.

My clients frequently tell me that they love my intuitive, one-on-one approach because they value feeling heard and not being told what to do. This is the small but significant difference between coaching and consulting.

Sometimes, people are suffering from depression, or they want to talk through their problems and need healing to move forward. Over the years, I have developed a multilingual, multicultural network of professional counsellors and therapists in China to whom I refer these people. And yes, that now includes a doula!

By adapting my approach, techniques and tools for each human in each moment of each conversation, I offer a service that is creative and dynamic.

Want to know how we can co-create

life-changing results and transformation?

These are the packages that I offer for one-on-one coaching:

WTF am I doing with my life?!?!

Are you looking for the Panic Button? Has life just thrown a pandemically proportioned problem at you? Are you trying to make a major decision like whether or not to repatriate?

Try a one-off coaching reset session. You will work directly with me via virtual meeting to name and step back from the emotion, laser in on the heart of your issue, gain clarity on what’s really holding you back, and leave feeling more confident with your next steps after just 2 hours.

Investment: $157USD

The Stress Management Package

Can you identify your overwhelm? Are you on the edge of burnout? Do you want to develop strategies to move towards a life filled with bliss?

This is the signature life-changing package for you.

We begin by exploring the areas where stress is affecting your life the most, and what successfully managing your stress would be like instead. Then, we get to work. For 12 consecutive weeks, our conversations will dig deep into your subconcious to find your old limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering new beliefs. 

Investment: 12 weeks, $536USD.

The Professional Development Package

Are you ready to step up in your career? Do you want to make the move from edutainer to educator? Are you looking to become a “real” teacher in an international school?

This package involves a little more than coaching. In order to work in most international schools around the world, a post-graduate certification is required. As part of this package, we will use coaching to determine a 12-month plan for successfully attaining this certification, balancing study with work and life commitments, and developing or refining your soft skills.

As a bonus, being a marketing specialist and education consultant, I will also help you to develop your cv to represent your skills and experience in the best light.

Investment: 12 months. $2,135USD

The Career Transition Package

What if I want to get out of the classroom? How can I use my experience as an educator another way? What if I want to repatriate, but not as a teacher?

This package is for those who want to explore what else is possible in the next chapter of their careers. We’ll begin by exploring your interests, strengths and values to find out what really lights you up. Once you’ve made a decision about your desired role, we’ll create your own professional development plan. It’s normal to experience doubt and to self-sabotage at this stage, so we’ll work together around accountability and confidence or other areas that you design.

Investment: 6 months. $950USD.

Bespoke packages.

Want to work on something I haven’t listed?

I offer blocks of coaching that can be customised to your journey. Book a consultation call to discuss your options.

Coach skills training.

Contact me for further details.