Coaching is a collaborative method of conversation that helps people move forward in a specific direction in life. It is designed to help clients remove their limitations and to perform at their best by unlocking their potential.

I believe that individual humans receive a higher quality of results when the work is tailored to their specific needs. This is something I have seen firsthand from the classroom to the library to the meeting room.

My clients have told me they love my one-on-one approach because they value feeling heard and not being told what to do. This is the small but significant difference between coaching and consulting. By adapting my approach, techniques and tools for my clients, I offer a service that is creative and dynamic, with results that are life-changing because they are so personalised.

There are 3 packages that I offer for one-on-one coaching:

A Big Bang Session

Are you ready to put the spark back into your sparkle? This one-off 60 minute session is laser-focused on gaining clarity around one specific topic, situation or obstacle so that you can walk away with a roadmap on how to move forward.

The Micro-Orbit

This is the signature life-changing package. We begin by charting a course, setting a goal that is measurable and explorable for our 12-week journey together. We will explore your values and their role in your daily life, and the unique challenges, changes and revelations that come up along the way. The scope and direction of this coaching are created together so that every week we can focus on building on your momentum and meeting your milestones, ultimately making your success inevitable.

Deep Space Exploration

This is the serious commitment package for those who are looking for personal growth in more than one area. You are serious about changing the trajectory of your life, developing the skills to actually lift-off or to explore new territory. As we chart your course together, we will objectively assess how to put your current path back into alignment with your desired destination. Along the way you will develop a deeper understanding of your behaviours, patterns and results. This leads to the ability to analyse from a neutral position, allowing them to make decisions with a wise mind – both logically and emotionally.