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This week has been a timely reminder for me to help myself before I help others, a concept I am still working on in my life. The word selfish brings negative connotations as someone who always puts their needs and […]

Humble Beginnings My story really begins in one of those small towns; the kind where being born there could mean marrying your high school sweetheart, popping out a couple of kids, growing old and dying there. Or being the victim […]

A teacher’s role is to facilitate their students’ learning in coordination with their school’s best practices for education. In a foreign environment, with a language barrier, and without adequate support, this can be a real challenge that sinks many expats […]

Recently I have been studying 道德經 Dao de Jing also known as The Way of the Dao. This is the book that underwrites the philosophy of Taoism, which is not so much a religion as a way of life. I […]

Taking time to reflect is probably the single most important Adulting Tool you will ever use. Seriously! How can you possibly know that you are growing and improving if you don’t look back to see if today was better than […]

Being accountable simply means being held responsible or answerable for your actions. This could be from an external source like a government, an employer, or a partner; or it could be more personal, like a goal that you set for […]