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I was referred to Pam to help me decide on my career in education. I had gone back and forth about whether to stay in my secure, dead-end job or make a risky move to a senior position in a […]

The human brain is an incredible organic machine, capable of processing more data in any given day than we can actually comprehend. As we grow, we quickly learn to filter what information is important and what is not. With the […]

So far in this series, we have discussed the importance of developing teachers as Classroom Leaders, giving and receiving feedback effectively, creating strong professional intercultural relationships, and using the GROW method to manage the time and direction of a lesson. […]

Effective time management is a skill which many people list on their CV yet few actually understand and even less employ. It is a crucial skill for teachers to develop an awareness of, as they demonstrate this to their students […]

The roles and responsibilities of intercultural relationships are as creative, dynamic and expansive as the people in them. As a traveller in any country, the onus is on us to learn the local language, develop relationships and adapt to a […]

In 2018, I left my TEFL classroom, transitioning into tutoring and literacy coaching before taking some time out for my professional development. I enjoyed working as a literacy coach because it met my passion for reading and my desire to […]

In our last post we opened up to the idea of developing teachers as Classroom Leaders. We began to see how shifting some of the responsibilities of the teacher creates an environment where students become more responsible for their own […]

Professional burnout has been studied for decades and was recognised by the World Health Organisation as a chronic syndrome. Dr. Christina Maslech, is one of the world’s leading researchers, professors and speakers on the subject of burnout. In her speech […]

“If it’s that hard, why don’t you just move home?” asked a dear friend. “Because I don’t want to!” came my exasperated reply. Most expats have had this conversation or a similar version of it. My life in China has been filled […]

I loved teaching English with passion. And I loved teaching English, with a passion.I loved spending my days with a bunch of little people, playing games and drawing pictures and seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Sharing my journey with […]