What is my Why? Part Three

Transition to Coaching

During some personal and professional time off, I discovered Life Coaching.

A helping profession that is built on the idea of being a lifelong learner, personal development and supporting others along their own journeys without leading or telling them how or what to do with their lives.

I explored some of the options working as a coach for a few companies but I didn’t feel aligned with their values or direction. I had also spent enough time working under “the man” and I didn’t want to submit to another 9 to 5 wage slavery job.

And so my newest adventure began, building my own business to coach expat women through their own foreign journeys to happiness. Because surely, that has to be easier than compromising my own values right?


If you ever meet an entrepreneur who tells you it’s easier, rest assured that they are either lying or have been doing it so long that they’ve forgotten the initial hustle.

The thing about becoming your own boss is that there is no “right” way to do it. Sure, there’s webinars and courses and blueprints and free downloadable PDF guides and YouTube videos and even coaches who can help you to create a business.

But none of that helps you to sharpen your own intuition, and I think that is the critical missing piece.

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that. But honestly, those burns are part of what give you the intuition. They are the stripes you earn on your jersey. The dues you have to pay. The hindsight that everyone wants without having to experience.

I am a firm believer that life is a collection of experiences. They can’t be bought or traded or taken back. They are what define you and the choices you make, and the person you become because of them.

And that is the basis of my reason why.

I make the decisions that I do in my personal and professional life based on all the experiences I have collected across countries and timezones in this lifetime so far. Some of them have been rough, some of them have been beyond belief and some have been bittersweet. I wouldn’t change them for anything because they make me the person I am with the life that I love. And nothing could be more valuable to me.