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Hey you! Foreign Alien! Feeling lost in your journey?
Looking for your place in the world between worlds?
Ready to start navigating your way through your own chaos?

Congratulations Human! You have arrived, and you are most welcome here. This space was built just for you, the foreign alien who refuses to settle for anything less than happiness. Being an outsider can be alienating, lonely and uncertain.

Pam Coaches Humans’ mission is to build relationships that empower humans to pause and feel empowered instead of alienated. If you are a high achiever, ready to navigate your own success as a human BEing and foreign alien…

Join me to explore your potential today!

Captain's Log

The human brain is an incredible organic machine, capable of processing more data in any given day than we can actually comprehend. As we grow, we quickly learn to filter what information is important and what is not. With the […]

In 2018, I left my TEFL classroom, transitioning into tutoring and literacy coaching before taking some time out for my professional development. I enjoyed working as a literacy coach because it met my passion for reading and my desire to […]

Professional burnout has been studied for decades and was recognised by the World Health Organisation as a chronic syndrome. Dr. Christina Maslech, is one of the world’s leading researchers, professors and speakers on the subject of burnout. In her speech […]



I connected with Pam through her pro-bono work as the Small Biz Hero Ambassador of China because I felt overwhelmed with decisions. I needed a quick solution to pivot my business and Pam really helped me decide what I needed to let go of to move in the right direction. I really liked her approach and returned for a longer, paid engagement. Our partnership gave me the strength and confidence to keep working on myself as a community leader and business owner. I am so grateful that I made the investment in Pam and in myself as she truly helped me on the journey from Burned Out to Blissed Out.


My stress was ruling my life and seriously impacting my heath when I first met Pam. I had tried therapy around different issues in my life before, but I had never tried coaching. I really enjoyed the coaching approach and how it focuses on what I can control now. I really didn't want to have to go home because of my health, and working with Pam empowered me to start making small changes in the way that I saw things. After just 6 weeks of working together, I noticed significant changes in my response to the same stress factors that had previously left me feeling physically ill. My quality of life has improved so much! Thank you, Pam, you literally changed my life!


When I met Pam as a coach, my business was suffering. I was full of uncertainty about my future because of the Covid pandemic. I really appreciated feeling listened to without a biased opinion on how I should move forward. Instead, we talked about tools and strategies I could use and I had the freedom to choose what was right for me, and for my business. If you are considering working with Pam I would say just do it!


Partnering with Pam as my Coach helped me to achieve my goal to be committed, consistent and relentless in my goal to quit smoking permanently. During our coaching, I felt supported when facing challenges and limitng beliefs about my identity as a smoker. Because you led by example - having quit smoking yourself - your presence empowered me to stick with my resolution. I didn't even consider smoking after the first week. It may have seemed like a small goal, but it was meaningful to me. Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu- although it is small, it is precious.